Progress: Different Visualisation of Sub States

While working away at the project today, I noticed something. The visual representation I have on Progress: Better State Definition isn’t exactly correct. The contours can be as much as 6 units high (9 if using {-3,…,3}). They should look more like this:


Edit: This picture shows an un-truncated version of the contours. This is what will be obtained for the whole field map and then truncated when it is split into substates.

Due to this, I realised that implementing a last hole in the line will need to be modified to fit the column, not the row.

What was accomplished today:

  • Started (and hopefully finished) the state splitting method, complete with substate height culling. Untested (needs to be remedied).
  • Further understanding of how the process works. Was missing out the parameter objects passed into agent_start and agent_step, which make things much easier to look at.