Progress: Line Completion Representation

Rather than storing within every SubState object whether a column will finish a line, why not store the line completion boolean array in the entire field. This reduces the number of line completion objects from 7 4-index arrays to 1 10 index array.

A Problem
After analysing the observation numbers, I have figured out what everything means:
The first 250 numbers (well, the first X * Y numbers) represent the field, including the current falling piece.
The next 7 numbers represent what piece is falling at the moment.
The last 2 represent the Y and X size of the field respectively.

As for the actions:
0: Move Left
1: Move Right
2: Rotate Left
3: Rotate Right
4: Idle
5: Drop
These don’t really need to be known, but could come in handy for debugging purposes.

The problem I’m talking about is the fact that the piece is shown as part of the Tetris environment. If I could separate it out, the original strategy would work (well, theoretically). One slight advantage of eliminating the falling piece is:
a) I know what the piece is and its bit vector pattern.
b) In Tetris, every block is connected either to the floor, or another piece. So there can’t be any ‘floating’ pieces.

I’ll need to suss out with the RL guys if the action numbers remain consistent and the way the pieces behave.

What was accomplished today:

  • Created an accurate (I think) contour mapping of the state.
  • Found a problem with the falling piece being part of the observation and messing up the contour mapping.
  • As seen above, made line completion independant of the substates, leading to fewer states.
  • Parsed the Observation array on paper.