Progress: Methods filled

Just a progress log.
Filled in the contourScan method. Tested and working well. Could do with some more tests though…
Added a MathUtils class for various mathematical functions such as rotating a point and outward rounding (unused at the moment).
And created (and tested) a method for finding the index of a certain point in the observation.
6/13 tests passing.

As for further ideas, I have none. Just filling in the methods until I have results.

Edit: Well, got more problems… Having problems finding the location of the units of a piece after rotations and mapping them to an index. Well, the index mapping isn’t too hard, but the rotation is. Have to think about it for a bit. Whichever solution I come up with leads to another problem. I think I have to stay with the centre being in the exact centre, rather than an idea I was toying with where the centre is in the centre of the centre unit. Doesn’t work for O or I pieces.
8/13 tests passing. Need to expand upon the testStoreReward test though. All it requires is non-nullness.