Things to do for this project (Sort of prioritised order):

  • Write tests for all relative functions. – Complete! 24/1/08
  • Pass all tests. – Complete! 1/2/08
  • Create a functioning agent, able to receive input and give output. – Complete! 1/2/08
  • Modify the splitField method to new method. – Complete! 11/2/08
  • Deal with the aftereffects of modification. – Complete! 15/2/08
  • Implement smarter placement of pieces by using piece contours. – Complete! 1/3/08
  • Modify reward storage to store with regards to variable states. – Complete! 21/2/08
  • Test on multiple MDPs.
  • Have the agent able to see if a rotation will hit the ceiling to check if it is a valid rotation. – Complete! Sort of… 16/3/08
  • Try eligibility traces. – Complete! 24-3-08
  • Try more TD learning.
  • Implement bias towards lower states, finishing lines, and wall states. – Somewhat Complete.
  • Implement afterstate evaluation for smarter play. – Work in progress
  • Cull states if the stack is too close to the ceiling.
  • Test various decision making methods (E-greedy values, Softmax temperatures/cooling rates).
  • Run a proving run and compare how I stand.
  • Jumble tests for better coverage of errors.
  • Have the best agent! – Work in progress!

These will be marked off when completed. More will be added as I realise more problems also.