Progress: Version 1.4 Complete!

Some progress was made yesterday, but I forgot to blog about it. I’ll blog again but timestamp it for yesterday.

Anyway, today I finished up the tests for the 2 functions I started writing yesterday and also added another function that is just used in insertFallenPiece. So, what was done:
– Finished the test for removeLines.
– Added the code for removeLines. Tested, and fixed.
– Added the code for insertFallenPiece. Realised I needed another function for clean code. Added getLowestPositionIndices function.
– Finished code then finished tests. Bad me… Tested and fixed.
– Finished code for evaluateField. Tested, and fixed.
– Finished code for evalFunctionAction. Tested, and fixed. Took a little while as problems arose with private variables.
– Therefore, all tests were passing and version 1.4 finished. Handily, the tests for pickAction still work with the new action picker.

There are likely still problems with choosing greedily as it is still running by the old method of greedy substating. This needs to be updated to have a value function associated with it by getting a value based on the substate height and the policy value. Lab test will show the solution…