Progress: Further Refactoring

Finished the mutation tests and code for ParameterSet class. Now all parameters should correctly mutate when told to do so, which still needs to be put in.

Now to tackle the SmartAgent class. I’ve brushed upon it, and most of it isn’t too bad, which is a relief. I thought SubState was more coupled than what it was, which is a good thing. Clean coding saves the day!

Post to come later regarding SmartAgent cleanup.

Just finished tidying up the SmartAgent class, but haven’t really touched the tests. The class is still a little messy (I feel like policy_ is a bad name for the set among other niggling problems), but theoretically it is fully functional. Once the tests are fixed, I can test it and then run a lab run tomorrow before the meeting.

Finished cleaning up the tests – half-heartedly. Refactoring tests is such a bore, and couldn’t be completed fully. The tests are there, but not particularly strong.

Tomorrow, to the lab at about 3.

I decided to go to the lab as I couldn’t wait to see how (or if) it worked. Minor problems that resulted in me changing the SortedSet policy into a list that emulates a set in a sense (only has 1 of each). So far, it seems to be working, but I have yet to see.
Note: need to limit the size of the list to some value otherwise I’m gonna have a lot of states being saved that are useless.

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