Progress: Final Results!

Well, the competition is over and according to the graph, I came in 5th. Out of 15 competitors. That’s ok, but I would have preferred better. Still, you take what you get and be grateful for it. I’ve learnt a whole lot about RL and Tetris (more than one should know), and coming 5th in a world competition isn’t terrible. Here’s the graph to view my team (SmartCraft):


Hmm. Image is a bit massive. Oh well. I don’t care about layout.

As you can see, I was fairly consistently 5th, matching the trends of my upper competitors. Maybe I’ll try again next year, in a different domain and try to take 1st!

Future work (as my Honours project is still going) involves making my own Tetris simulator, so I can view results whenever and place restrictions on the environment for proper comparisons between agents. Also, I need to try out infinite height, for an alternative method of agent performance and two-piece Tetris, which I have already half created (sort of, with the probabilistic agent).