Progress: GUI V1.0 nearly complete

Well, it’s been a while and my post rate has certainly slowed down. But alas, I have been busy working. Just not informing the internet about it.

I have a GUI up and running with some bugs in it. However, the main part of it works and it output’s a performance graph, so it already does more than the GUI given to me. Also, you can define custom MDPs and load agents on-the-fly (with a bug being that the agent must be of the class path SmartTetris.SmartAgent). But I’ll fix that later.

The performance graph appears to work, although it seems a bit wrong when looking at large resolutions of performance. I’ll have to debug it later. Overall, this seems to be working well though and anything extra isn’t particularly required. I need to save agent performance and visually compare it against other agents on a generated graph. I’ve got a checklist of stuff, but I can’t be bothered digitising it.