Progress: GUI Checklist

Well I decided that this should be digitised. Be nice and easy to check off.

Priority Details Complete?
1 Allow agent-environment interaction Yes
1 Allow specifiable number of rows and columns (columns < rows) Yes
1 Allow modifiable piece distribution probabilities Yes
1 Allow modifiable speed Yes
1 Allow modifiable reward exponent Yes
1 Have on-the-fly agent loading Pretty much
1/3 Allow random seed to be set for the environment/agent Yes/No
2 Show agent details for each step (via agent_message) Yes
2 Performance graph (with variable x axis) Yes
2 Show game details (lines made, total reward, episodes) Yes
2 Savable agent states (saved policy) No
3 Savable environment settings (and loadable + preset loading) Yes
3 Experiment-mode (Queue multiple fields/agents for later comparison) Yes
3 Optional GUI field (for speed) Yes
4 Allow infinite field height (- Show top of field; Show number of rows beneath; Show total height) No
4 Options for 1-piece and 2-piece Tetris (Show next piece) No
4/4 Prefilled field – Drawn in with option to remove lines or hole-ify lines/Random field at y-height No/No
4 Ensemble playing (multiple agents, possibly borrowing parameters) No
7 Player vs. Computer No
8 Shadow mode for seeing where a piece will land No
9 Player vs. Player (with random inserting of almost lines) No
10 Puzzle Kombat style fighting No