Progress: Final Report Finished! Honours Over!

On Wednesday the 29th of October I submitted my final report for my Honours project. One years worth of work condensed into a 50 page report. It was a long run, but it was fun.

Next thing on the agenda is some summer research. I’ve received a summer research scholarship in which I perform research for 10 weeks on a topic. My topic that I was given is basically extracting information from Wikipedia and storing it in a logical database known as Cyc. Cyc’s goal (look it up on Wikipedia. Oh the irony) is to create an artificial intelligence that is made up of common sense and can understand human emotion and stuff. I’m still a little hazy on it’s exact definition but I’m sure that I’ll grow to know it well.

And after that is hopefully a PhD in which I can further explore the application of reinforcement learning. I hope to create an agent capable of learning anything from any sources (Cyc, by example, by self-exploration).