Progress: Remembrances

It’s been a while. So long that I’ve forgotten what it is that the console and GUI trainers do. I need to recall this for details about them in my final report. Which, if you’re interested is coming along well. Although I don’t have time to dilly-dally as I have little free time at the moment.

Anyway, consoleTrainerJava does this:
Spits out the number of steps per episode and ther total number of steps for all N episodes.

guiTrainerJava does this:
Well, I can’t get it working… Figures. Anyway, from a single, possible misinformed screenshot, it shows the current episode number, as well as the number of steps for this episode and the total steps passed dince stared. It also says the current piece. I’m not sure about this last bit, but I think it also states the number of lines completed. It could be total reward but I’m unsure.