PhD Project: Bang for your Buck

The 10 population constant experiment has completed and after plotting it on a graph where the x axis is time, it is shown to be the best strategy. Sure, the 50 population experiment does get to the apparent ~7000 point limit in fewer iterations, it takes much longer. And as for the 30 population constant one, it hasn’t really run enough to know yet. The curve of its performance vs. time fits it in right between the 10 and 50 in a roughly proportional manner.

I probably should have saved the image for future reference, but I forgot to. Ah well. A possible strategy to pursue is to have a changing population constant, based on the maturity of the experiment. Perhaps a min of 10 and max of 50. Something for later experimentation. The reason for even thinking of it is that smaller population constants are more likely to have large variances. So a form of annealling, I suppose.